Monday, August 17, 2015

Absolute beauty in jazz and EDM fusion

We live in a world that is constantly changing -- lifestyle, technology, knowledge and, of course, music. Jazz has had the nasty habit of not blending well with other kinds of music, but others find a way to create an exemption. Artists like DJ Quantic and Robert Glasper are stepping up the bar with jazz music by combining the soulful jazz with the electric dance music (EDM), giving birth to "Nu Jazz."
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At first, the idea of mixing soulful and slow music of jazz with the sharp, electric, and fast tempo of EDM seems off-putting, mainly because the two genres are complete polar opposite, but with careful tweaks, the impossible has been deemed possible. The fusion has already sparked a trend that today’s DJs start investing in adding country and jazz samples or focus on electro-house music. All of which today’s generation seems to enjoy.

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But DJs nowadays like to include samples in their mixes that we've heard of R&B, spoken word and country, but none had the glitter that Nu Jazz brings. In fact, such movement has brought forth new artists and a fresh opportunity to create music that combines our beloved jazz with the energy of dance music resulting in a soothing sound that is both energetic and meaningful. And I thank the musicians who found a way to create such a perfect genre, for, without them, the jazz industry wouldn't have had a much larger following now.

To others, jazz is just a type of music, but to aficionados like me, it is life and soul. My name is Christopher J. Keehner, and for more quick reads on jazz, follow me on Twitter.