Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Versatile Weapon For The Eagles: Byron Marshall Signs With Philly

Image source: usatoday.com
After the 2016 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Byron Marshall. The Eagles chose the undrafted 5-f00t-9 rookie free agent from Oregon because of his play-making ability. They also chose Marshall because of his versatile playing style.

During the four years Marshall played for Oregon, he alternated between a running back and a wide receiver. His ability to play many positionsis something that the NFL does not see very often. Moreover, he is noted for being an unselfish player. He always puts his team first. That is probably why Marcus Mariota made him his go-to guy.

It was actually a surprise that Marshall went undrafted because he clearly has so much potential. It can even be said that he is one of the highest-grade players in the Oregon roster. Marshall probably stayed undrafted because the other teams do not have a system where a talent like him is utilized. In the past, there were other unique players just like him who had trouble finding their place in the league.

Image source: axs.com
Despite the apprehensions, Marshall is still a great talent and can become a focal point who could greatly benefit the franchise. He is being signed up as a running back in the Eagles because of his solid screen game and third down runs like draws. Marshall is also very good in returning kickoffs as well as being the lead blocker for the kick returner.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Top 9: The Best Philadelphia Phillies Players

Last season was not the best time to be a Phillies fan, with the team finishing with the worst record in the 2015 Major League Baseball season and missing out on the playoffs for the fourth straight time. After bottoming out last year, there is no way but up for the team (fingers crossed!). And it does seem that the team is heading in that direction after five weeks of baseball! Contending for a division title looked like a farfetched idea just a couple of months ago. As we watch Phillies fight hard to make the playoffs this season, let us look back at the all-time best Phillies player at each position.

 Pitcher – Steve Carlton: A four-time Cy Young winner, the lefty won 329 games throughout his career, and pitched the Phillies to the World Series title in 1980.

Image source: visitphilly.com
Catcher – Mike Lieberthal: The Phillies do not have many prolific names to play the catcher position, but Lieby is the best among them, providing solid offense to the Philly teams he was in.

First baseman – Ryan Howard: One of the game’s greatest sluggers, the 2006 MVP hit home runs at a historic pace and helped the team to a championship in 2008.  

Image source: nytimes.com

Second baseman – Chase Utley: Utley was a great guy on and off the field. He hit the home runs when it mattered and tugged the heartstrings where it matters as an animal activist.  

Shortstop – Jimmy Rollins: Rollins, who, together with Howard and Utley, was part of the potent infield triumvirate, was touted by many as the best Phillies shortstop ever. He was a picture of consistency and even won the MVP in 2007.  

Third baseman – Mike Schmidt: There’s no question here that this position will be occupied by Schmidt, who for fans was the best Phillies player ever – gave the team its first ever World Series title – and probably the greatest third baseman of all time.

Left field – Ed Delahanty: Big Ed is one of baseball’s first power hitters, making batting records even before the 20th century started.

Center field – Richie Ashburn: The outfielder-turned-broadcaster never turned heads with power hitting, but his accurate batting gave him 2,500 hits in 15 years of play.

Right field – Sam Thompson: At 6’2”, he was one of the larger players back in his day. He produced runs like no other player did, defended well and ran fast, making him a complete player.

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