Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Having a Grand Time With The Grandchildren

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A lot of resources have been devoted to psychology and social science research about the relationship between parents and children. But an oft-ignored dynamic that most people should be aware of due to its unique advantages is the grandparent-grandchildren relationship.

When grandparents are encouraged to spend time with their grandkids, it would be for the best that they do so. Because regularly bonding with children causes deep, important benefits in addition to enjoyable and memorable experiences.

By sharing life stories, as grandparents do, the young ones can gain small life lessons which they can parlay into significant gems of wisdom as they grow older and become adults themselves. First-hand historical perspectives and an understanding of the past can factor into their future decisions.

Research also shows that children who have developed a strong bond with their grandparents exhibit better social and emotional behaviors, both at home and in public. These relationships can help alleviate the impacts of traumatic experiences and amplify the effects of good ones.

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And it is not just the kids who benefit greatly from such a connection. A study from Australia shows that grandparents who have spent time taking care of grandchildren performed better on cognitive tests. A better holistic health is in store for the elderly.

Interestingly though, the study also stated that those who minded grandkids only once a week had better test results than those who did it more often. Grandparents can be heroes, but even heroes have their limits. So they better make the most of the time they spend with the children.

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