Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The interconnected worlds of jazz music, math, and science

Music has its connection to math and science that goes way back to ancient Greece. Prominent ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle recognized and were convinced that music is also a genre of mathematics, just like geometry, astronomy, and the like. 

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Modern musicians and academicians are now looking into integrating music into math, engineering, and science lessons. According to Herbie Hancock, a legendary jazz musician and composer, the use of social media and browsing of the web to learn new things is an indicator that teaching methods should now catch up with how the youth are experiencing the world today. 

Even the music genre like jazz has been linked and associated with creativity. Jazz musicians create their unique improvised riffs by turning off inhibition and turning up creativity. Upbeat music like hip-hop and jazz are among the very few music genres that help boost students’ faculties and master essential skills in the field of math and science. 

Through music, students are taught empathy, creative expression, and the value of working together. In a world where knowledge of science, math, and technology is essential, this approach is envisioned to ensure that the youth today are equipped with core values necessary to address everyday challenges of the world. 

Other music professors and educators are fascinated by and interested in this idea. Some, including Hancock, are taking advantage of combining music and interactive technology to re-examine new methods of teaching the young and finding new ways to deliver advocacy and passion to music effectively by developing online resources and apps.  
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